If a light fixture inside your home stops working, all you usually need to do to fix it is change a light bulb.  But light fixtures outside are exposed to a lot of elements like snow, ice, water and critters and lot more may need to be done to keep them working to their potential.



General maintenance:  Clean off lenses; Straighten, tighten and adjust fixtures; Check for broken lenses and corrosion.



If the light is out, replace it with the same wattage.  Larger wattage can overload the system. 



If there are multiple lights out in a group, check for a loose connection in the wire.  This can be a broken or cut wire, or one that was chewed on by critters.



If the whole lighting system is out:  (1) Check for power in the outlet first.  If there is no power, then check the breaker panel or look for a ground fault reset button, which can come from anywhere in the house.  We once had to reset a button in the bathroom.  (2) You may need to check the timer.  Make sure it is working, spin to see if the lights come on and off.  A timer can go bad and may need to be replaced.  (3) Check the fuse in the transformer and replace if needed.



If you don’t have a lighting system, install one!  Why should you only enjoy your landscape during the day?