With melting snow and spring rains, this is the time of year we see a lot of water problems.  Get ahead of the game and take these precautions so that it doesn’t become your problem.


Easy Solutions



·     Clean out your gutters and downspouts

·     Make sure your downspout extensions are attached and exit at least 4 feet away

·     Make sure your soil pitches away from your foundation.  Check the soil under mulch, gravel, and decks to make sure it is not pitching back toward the house.

·     Check your sump pump to make sure it’s working properly


Complex Solutions


            ·     Install or raise window wells to allow for soil regrading 

·     Create swales and berms to direct water away from your house 

·     Install draintile and catch basins to take water away from your house 

·     Repair or replace sidewalks, driveways and stoops to create positive pitch  

·     Repair upper foundation work like tuck pointing, flashing and masonry repairs



  Downspouts draining too close to the foundation and holes under concrete patios and stoops cause water to enter basements




  Large amounts of water can drain from adjacent properties at higher elevations


 Soil over tops of foundations causes rotting and water to come over the top of the foundation