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Outdoor rooms should be a comfortable, serene, and functional living area, and be an extension of your indoor space.  The many types of landscape stone can help create a pleasant, functional outdoor living area.  It can be used in the paving, walls, and other architectural pieces, and complement the color and the stone on your home.


This Lannon stone wall acts as a seat wall, defines a sense of space and privacy. Columns with lanterns anchor the wall.

Retaining Walls

  • Stone used:  Concrete blocks, Lannon stone, fieldstone and timbers
  • Allows to level a yard with a large slope, giving more space for a living area.

A Bluestone and brick combination breaks up a large patio into different areas for different functions. Here the brick inset acts as the dining area.

Seat Walls

  • Stone used:  Concrete block, Lannon stone, mortared stone or brick with cap stones
  • Gives living area a sense of space
  • Provides a sense of privacy
  • Provides more sitting areas
  • A nice piece of architectural interest

Concrete block columns topped with lanterns frame the entry to this patio.


  • Stone used:  Concrete, Bluestone, Concrete pavers, brick, or Lannon Stone
  • Use for sitting/conversational areas, reading, eating, lounging or grilling
  • Stone insets break up the paving area into individual outdoor rooms, for example, an eating area and a lounge area.  They can also give an illusion of an area rug.

Concrete block retaining walls hold back soil to provide more room for a patio. The lower wall can also act as a seat wall.


  • Stone used:  Concrete blocks, Lannon stone, mortared stone or brick, with cap stones
  • Gives an outdoor area a sense of entry
  • Top with lanterns for night lighting
  • Can anchor a seat wall
  • Architectural interest








Summer is pretty much at its end, but that doesn’t mean you have to put away your outdoor furniture yet.  There are things you can do to your outdoor living area so you enjoy yourself outside during the cool weather.  Here are some tips to extend the summer season…

    • Buy or Install a Fireplace or Fire Pit − Locate fire pits and fireplaces in areas where it can be an extension from inside, where people can go in and out the house easily, but not too close where smoke can get into the house.  Portable fireplaces are less expensive and give you the option to move it where you need it. Firepits and fireplaces can be gas or natural and be made of a variety of materials, including brick, Lannonstone, and fieldstone.

A natural or gas fire ring, like the Lannonstone and brick one shown here, will keep you warm on a cool autumn day

  • Purchase a Portable Outdoor Heater − Outdoor heaters can be table top or floor heaters and can run on propane, natural gas or electricity (infra-red).

    Create a comfortable outdoor sitting area with cozy furniture and portable propane heaters










  • Experiment with Outdoor Lighting −Put out tiki torches and candles for a romantic, welcoming feeling.  Install low-voltage or line voltage lighting and up light onto plants and architectural elements and statues.  Path lights can create a safe environment and help navigate from one area to another.  Lighting can make a property seem larger and create more curb appeal.

    Night lighting lets you enjoy your landscape during the early fall evenings










  • Install Landscape Plantings with Fall Color − Plant late summer and fall blooming perennials like Asters, Sedum, Rudbeckia and Russian Sage.  Trees and shrubs like Maples, Ornamental Pears, Burning Bush, Sumac and Arrowwood Viburnums have leaves with great fall color.
  •  Create an Outdoor Living Room − Arrange comfortable outdoor furniture with plush pillows to lounge on with cozy blankets.  Use a tent canopy or a trellis / pergola over the area to create a room-like space and shelter from the wind.  Coffee tables, lighting and planters complete the living room feel.

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